WDC AL World Ranking Rules

The WDC AL is proud to  present a new WDC AL World Ranking for 2016 with the same system as the WDC World Ranking:

The system will be coming into full operation in the first part of 2016.

The NEW WDC AL World Ranking System:




1.) World Ranking Points:


The WDC AL World Ranking system operates on a very simple and transparent points system:




The new algorithm for the World Ranking looks as follows:


Placing Basic Points
1 1000
2 900
3 800
4 700
5 600
6 500
7 400
8 350
9 300
10 250
11 200
12 150
13-24 100
25-48 50





The points are the multiplied or divided relative to the class/level of competition according to the following coefficients. These coefficients are as below as a guideline, but each event receives a level assignment by the WDC AL leadership at their absolute discresion:




Level 1 : Open World Championships: Coefficient x 2.5
Level 2 : WDC AL World Super Series Events: Coefficient: x 2
Level 3: WDC AL World Series Event: Coefficient x 1
Level 4:  Specially recognised WDC AL Events : Coefficient: x 0.5



LEVELS ASSIGNED (as an Example):


Open World Championships, Disney  - Level 1



Dutch Open, Assen, Netherlands – Level 2


A full list of WDC AL Wolrd Ranking events will be published shortly




2.) Who is considered for World Ranking points and displayed in the Wolrd Ranking:


For 2016 all couples will be displayed in the Wolrd Ranking

From 1st March 2017 only couples with both individuals registered in the current year with the WDC AL will be displayed.